How to Choose an Electric Car

Driving standard vehicle is expensive

We all see it. Driving is becoming more and more expensive every week now. I’m writing this article on June 8 th of 2008 and I have been paying more for my gas each week for the past six months. Probably like you I’ve heard about electric cars but have never seen one. I’ve also wondered why I have never seen one. Perhaps you do to. Its a rather complicated issue to research as you have to wade through the really out there conspiracy theories, and then the not so out there conspiracy theories as well. Simply put there are two main reasons we all don’t have electric cars at the moment. One of these is scientific and the other is political and/or economical.

Electric Cars Aren’t Perfect But Still…

On the scientific side there are technical issues that need to be worked out so electric cars will perform the same in any environment whether it be hot or cold, damp or dry. Battery technology needs to be worked on that will increase the amount of storage capacity per battery. Materials need to be researched that are as strong as current building materials yet lighter in overall weight. These issues will be overcome incrementally with each year of research and its just a matter of time before all of these problems are worked out. We are already at the ninety percent mark as it is. The remaining problems are more about improving already understood technologies more so than researching new technologies. Some minor technological innovation will also have to be done to provide a grid that is accessible from parking docks to recharge vehicles while drivers are engaged in other activities. This innovation will be easily accomplished but the cost of deploying it will be huge.

The political side of electric cars

On the economic and/or political side things are probably not going to go so smoothly. The oil industry is one of the most powerful industries on planet Earth. They have been fighting the switch to electrical vehicles for many years now and they are not planning on stopping anytime soon. Politicians need to be convinced anyway necessary to stop the oil industry from interfering in the natural development of electrical vehicle technology.

While I am against government who oversees with a heavy hand, I would fully support a law preventing anyone connected to the oil industry from purchasing any patents of electrical vehicle technology. I would also support laws that prevent anyone who is connected to the oil industry from obtaining a controlling interest in any company who is developing electrical vehicle technology. Why you might ask? Simple. If you look through history you will find several instances of vehicle technology that was bought up by people connected to the oil industry and it just disappeared off the radar. Electrical vehicle technology advancement will mean a tremendous loss of profits for the oil industry so it is only natural that they would do whatever is necessary to protect their profits. This is where government has to intervene to prevent the oil industry from using its economic power to stall research and prevent the free market from developing products from this research that will benefit the planet in general rather than a single industry specifically.

I’m not even going to dive into the wild world of conspiracy theory about how the evil oil industry has killed every alternative energy initiative because quite frankly what happened in the past does not matter now. What I do know is there is a opening in our legal system that would allow abuse to happen if the oil industry ever decided to use their influence to do so. And they already have motive and opportunity to accomplish that abuse. So we should close that loophole so any future abuse cannot occur. Sounds simple but its not. So many other legal issues would have to be dealt with to cause this change in business law that it will probably take decades to work out in a way that will not compromise the rule of law we try and live by in the western world today.

Enough of the commentary and on to the meat of the article. You still want to purchase an electric car. Right? The options today are slim but they are there for you to pursue.

Some of the best electric car models

We will review them here

Another option is the Universal Electric Vehicle Corporation’s Electrum Spyder model. According to UEV’s specs the 2008 Electrum Spyder has a range of 150-250 miles ( depending on battery option ), will go from 0 to 60 mph in seven seconds and has a top speed of over 100 mph. UEV goes on to claim that the Spyder’s battery pack can be recharged from a completely dead state to full capacity in six hours. While not as good as the Tesla Roadster, UEV’s Electrum Spyder is a bit cheaper and seems to be available now. I expect like with the roadster there is a waiting list although I did not verify this with the company.

Other options are out there but these are the best two I could find that were well documented and seem to have a plan for immediate production. The market is huge so as time goes by you will see more options come online. General Motors claims to plan a production run of 100,000 of its 2010 Chevy Volt model however at the moment I’m adopting a wait and see attitude with General Motors.