2-Passenger Electric LSV

MSRP: $9,295

  Download the XG-2 brochure (481KB)

The XG-2 two-passenger electric low-speed vehicle is just what you need to make those everyday trips within your neighborhood or community for school, work or shopping.

A heavy duty 6HP DC motor ensures reliable hill-climbing performance, no matter how challenging the course or road terrain may be.

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4-Passenger Electric LSV

MSRP: $11,495

  Download the XG-4 brochure (482KB)

The XG-4 electric low-speed vehicle carries a driver and three passengers in comfort and convenience with its many standard luxury features.

Simply plug into any standard 15-amp, 110-volt outlet, recharge and you’re ready for up to 50 miles* of travel with your family, friends or clients.

The standard enclosed cargo trunk with security lock offers plenty of room for safe carriage of necessities or purchases.

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6-Passenger Electric LSV

MSRP: $12,995

  Download the XG-6 brochure (489KB)

Drivers can carry up to five guests between course and club, shuttle on the job site or cruise around the community with the XG-6 electric low-speed vehicle, all in superior style and comfort.

Two rows of ergonomic, cushioned bucket seating and a row of bench seating, all with integrated individual headrests, provide ample room and comfort without the need to reconfigure the vehicle and compromise passenger safety.

Choose our optional LED security light bar and integrated P.A. system for the perfect fleet solution!

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2-Passenger Electric Utility LSV

MSRP: $11,495

  Download the XG-T brochure (481KB)

Affordable, easy to operate and reliable with a total payload capacity of 1400 pounds, the XG-T electric low-speed vehicle is a real performer.

Whether you need to pick up supplies, make deliveries, haul cargo or run quick errands around town involving bulky or heavy items, the XG-T will meet the challenge. The long flatbed with removable steel stockade provides extra carrying capability and safety.

Haul more and get the job done faster with the XG-T.

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Green Fleet Solutions

Whether you are a start-up entrepreneur, public entity
or established corporation and are thinking “green” as a best practice for your company, your fleet will benefit from the economic impact of battery-electric vehicles.

In addition to the obvious benefits of fuel and cost savings, XG™ models can be customized with a variety
of vehicle options and accessories to meet your fleet requirements.  The XG™ can transform into the ideal security, first-aid or shuttle solution for university campuses, airports, military bases, cruise lines, parks, resorts and parking facilities…indoors or out.

See how other fleet customers are using LSVs as an alternative fleet transportation solution on the
Clean Cities web site at

HiLine Carts & Cars can help you create the clean, economical fleet solution that best meets your needs.  
Contact our Green Fleet Consultation Team today.

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HiLine Carts & Cars Inc. reserves the right to change specifications, options, components and suppliers at any time without giving notice.  As vehicle specifications are subject to authorized dealer order, vehicles held in inventory and/or sold at authorized dealerships may vary from those depicted on this web site.   

All prices quoted in $US.  MSRP includes all shipping and destination charges unless otherwise indicated; all applicable tax, registration and licensing fees are not included.


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