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Safety.  XGTM electric vehicles provide the safety your family and job site employees need without sacrificing comfort and convenience. Each vehicle is thoroughly tested for quality and certified to meet and exceed all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).

  Tinted automotive safety windshield glass with windshield wiper


  Standard U.S. automotive 3-point shoulder strap safety belts


  Wide 13-inch street-rated, steel radial tubeless tires for added control and stability on rougher

  Quartz halogen headlamps with high-low beam settings for excellent visibility any type of


  Adjustable rearview, driver and right-hand passenger mirrors


  Rear and side reflectors, roof-mounted interior dome light for visibility after dark

  Rear brake and tail lights, front and rear turn signals, hazard lights to alert other drivers to
   slow down

  Double circuit, full hydraulic regenerative brake system with front-wheel disc and rear-wheel
   drum for the ability to stop quickly and safely; parking brake for streets with inclines

  Windshield washer kit


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Comfort.  To ensure that every driver enjoys their XGTM experience, luxury features are standard on the XG Series.

  Easy-to-read digital speedometer and odometer controls on driver console


  Open "get in and go" architecture with added height provides comfort for taller passengers

  Ergonomic, cushioned, molded-foam vinyl seats.  The XG-2 and XG-T flatbed model have
   integrated bench seating; the XG-4 has front bucket seating and rear bench seating;
   the XG-6 has front and middle row bucket seating and rear bench seating.

  Durable interior materials for ease of maintenance and cleaning (shown with scuff guards
   and lower seat rails)

  Integrated individual padded headrests 


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Design.  Designed to enhance your driving experience, the XGTM is stylish, unique, versatile and provides exceptional performance.

  All-steel frame and fiberglass construction with an open frame and added height for visibility
   and comfort

  Roomy, enclosed trunk/cargo carrier with lock ensures your belongings are kept secure
   (XG-2, XG-4 and XG-6 models; XG-T has utility flatbed with removable stockade)


  Convenient onboard charging dock with complimentary charging cordset kit for use in any
   standard outlet, 12V accessory outlet


  Heavy duty 6HP DC motor with 2-speed transition switch (17mph for golf course paths /25mph
   for road use)


  Onboard 48-volt DC charger for use in any standard 110-volt AC 15-amp outlet (cord kit


  Dual front independent suspension with coil over double-action shock absorber for stability and
   a smoother ride over rougher terrain

  Rack-and-pinion steering for improved control in all driving conditions; steering wheel lock


  Sealed Curtis 1268 motor controller with voltage self-check

  Front-wheel drive with speed reducer and integral direct coupled differential


   8 x 6-volt batteries ensure maximum performance in cold or warm climates

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HiLine Carts & Cars Inc. reserves the right to change specifications, components and suppliers
at any time without giving notice.  As vehicle specifications are subject to authorized dealer order, vehicles held in inventory and/or sold at authorized dealerships may vary from those depicted on this web site.   

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