What is a low-speed vehicle (LSV)?

A low-speed vehicle (LSV) is a legal class of 4-wheel vehicles that have a maximum capable speed of 25mph and a minimum capable speed of 20mph that allows them to travel on public roads posted 35mph or less, not accessible to all golf carts or neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs). 


Why buy an XG rather than a golf cart?

We consider there to be four main reasons why an XG electric LSV is a much better investment than a traditional golf cart:

  1. Safety:  All XG models meet the most recent requirements set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for the low-speed vehicle class and as such are equipped with three-point automotive safety belts, automotive safety windshield glass, wipers, headlamps, taillights, turn signals, brake lights, mirrors, etc.  All seating faces forward, unlike those in traditional golf carts.  Standard front and rear bumpers protect the XG from accidental damage and provide additional safety to passengers.

  2. Range:  Golf carts are often limited to 15-30 miles per battery charge.  The XG can travel up to 50  miles per charge, depending on terrain, payload, driving habits, tire pressure, battery age and various other factors.

  3. Speed:  All XG models are equipped with a speed reducer to limit the maximum speed to 25mph (as permitted by FMVSS 500 regulations) for legal road use but also allow the driver to choose a top speed of 17mph for golf course path use via the speed transition toggle switch (standard on all 6HP models).

  4. Quality:  As it is a motor vehicle primarily for road use, the XG has been designed with a sturdy steel frame for better passenger protection, a top-of-the-line Curtis controller and 48VDC battery power for reliable performance, dual front independent suspension with coil over double-action shock absorber for a smoother ride over rough terrain, rack-and-pinion steering for improved steering control, durable interior materials for ease of maintenance, and the list goes on!

What powers the XG vehicle?

An electric vehicle is only as good as the batteries that power it.  HiLine Carts & Cars has teamed with a maintenance-free silicon power battery supplier that supports global green initiatives and provides a superior eco-friendly product with an extended lifespan, high-current discharge capability, quick recharge time and minimal acid vapor to preserve the environment.  XG vehicles are powered by a 48VDC battery sytem (8 x 6V) which provides power to a Curtis 1268 self-checking controller and the heavy-duty 6HP DC drive motor.


How do I recharge the XG vehicle and how long does recharging take?

XG drivers do not need to buy any special recharging equipment.  Simply plug the complimentary cord set kit that comes with your XG vehicle into the onboard charger on the console and any standard 110-volt AC 15-amp outlet.   Standard XG models with the 48VDC battery system can generally be 80% recharged in 8-10 hours and 100% recharged in 12 hours using an outlet with a 15-amp circuit breaker.  


Will battery power drain if the vehicle is not used frequently?

Self-discharge loss rate is 4% for the first month, declines after the second month; battery maintains at 90% after a year.


Will I damage the batteries if I plug the XG in for a "partial charge"?

No, you can plug in and replenish the battery charge in your XG at any time without damage. 


How much does it cost to recharge the XG vehicle?

Charging costs are dependent upon the cost of electricity in your area.  To fully charge an XG from a completely discharged state will take approximately 10kwH of power.  Simply multiply 10kwH by the local cost per kwH and you have your cost to recharge the XG vehicle. 


Where can XG vehicles be used?

As it has a maximum speed of 25mph, the XG has been certified for use in most states on roads with a posted speed limit of 35mph or less; the standard speed transition switch also allows the driver to reduce the maximum speed to 17mph for golf course path use.  We recommend that you contact the appropriate state and/or local agencies regarding restrictions governing LSV use in your area of residence prior to purchasing an XG or any other low-speed vehicle.


How fast can XG vehicles go?

Top speeds for the XG are faster than 25mph but each model is equipped with a speed reducer to limit the maximum speed to 25mph or less due to FMVSS 500 regulations for LSV road use.


What range of distance can the XG travel on a single charge?
Recent tests where the XG-6 model was driven for 8 miles with full capacity (6 people) and then an additional 56 miles with 2 passengers resulted in a battery drain of only 90% (1 battery bar out of 8 left on the digital console).  Depending on terrain, payload, driving habits, tire pressure, battery age and other factors, the XG can easily travel over 60 miles on a single charge.


What is the "regenerative braking system" and how does it work?

The XG features two separate hydraulic braking systems:  one for the front disc brakes and another for the rear drum brakes.  If one braking system experiences difficulty, the other braking system will compensate, ensuring the driver's ability to stop quickly and safely.


Where can I test-drive or purchase an XG?

XG vehicles are available for test-driving or purchase at Authorized XG Dealers as well as at our retail showroom at Eco Auto Sales in Peachtree City, Georgia.  Check our Dealers page for a list of dealers in the U.S.


Do you offer any purchase incentives?

To encourage consumers to use eco-friendly forms of transportation, an increasing number of states, cities and townships are offering free parking and other incentives to residents driving low-speed electric vehicles.  Check with your City Hall to see what local incentives are offered in your area.  The IRS also offers tax credits to electric car drivers such as the Qualified Electric Vehicle Tax Credit and the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refuelling Property Credit.  The home page of our web site provides links to PDF downloads of the applicable IRS forms.


How do I become an XG dealer?

If you are interested in becoming an Authorized XG Dealer, please contact the HiLine Carts & Cars Team at



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