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HiLine Sets New Standards In
Electric Low Speed Vehicles

Save more than $$$ with the XG™

Save Some Green!

With gasoline prices exceeding $3.00 per gallon with no end to the increase in sight, there has never been a better time to drive a battery-electric vehicle. Cost ownership of an XG™ vehicle in comparison to a standard gas-powered vehicle is one third and fuel efficiency is eight times greater. Simply plug into any standard 15-amp, 110-volt outlet to recharge and go for pennies a day.

Save Time!

Do you already own an electric vehicle and are tired of spending hours waiting for the battery to recharge...only to get 15 to 20 miles per charge? The smart design under the hood of the XG™ allows you to travel up to 50 miles on a single charge - almost twice as far as other low-speed electric vehicles on the market!

Help The Environment!

Since electric vehicles are tailpipe emission-free and noise-free, they are clearly your most eco-friendly choice for taking those everyday trips to the golf course or club, local market, downtown, school or work.

Would you pay EXTRA for a trunk, headlights or a windshield washer kit?...We wouldn't either!

Look at just a few of the features that come standard on the HiLine Series XG:

  • Maintenance-free batteries

  • Cargo carrier with lock (XG-2, XG-4, XG-6)

  • Windshield washer and wiper kit

  • Halogen high-low beam headlamps

  • Adjustable right-hand passenger mirror

  • Interior dome light and hazard lights

  • Speed transition switch (12mph/25mph)

  • Rear window insert

  • Cup holders and 12V accessory outlet

  • Scuff guards, grab handles, lower seat rails

Other electric vehicle manufacturers offer these features, too - but they will cost you! Be prepared to pay upwards of $16,000 MSRP for a model comparable to the XG-6™ model with similar options.

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